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Like many mediums, I was raised Catholic. I resonated with some of the teachings, but strongly felt something was missing. Iím from a family of nine, with seven of us women. I often wonder how my father and baby brother made it through those years. We were fortunate to be blessed with amazing people as parents, who reside now in spirit. My mother was religious & spiritualÖ and at the time I didnít realize there was a difference. I remember her telling my twin sister Beth & me a story about our birth, and a bet she won with our family doctor (close friend of my momís) because of a vision she'd had about the two of us. His fee for delivering us was free because of the vision. The story I never forgot. It eventually made a huge impact on how the direction of my life would be guided. My mother and her mother were both visionaries. They could see things in their dreams that would come true.

In my later teens, I became absorbed in mysticism and metaphysics. This began an intense study, eventually driving me down a fascinating path toward joy, spirit guides and my lifeís work. I remember at that time, my dream was to be a great psychic one day. I sped into my twenties, life took over and I allowed my dream to fade.

In my thirties I graduated from Culinary School, met and married my soul mate, John, then followed the corporate path in the food industry. I found a sister/friend Deb in 1990, and together we rediscovered metaphysics. My life continued with one foot in the corporate world and one in the spiritual world for many years. I started to read tarot for myself and others in 1991. I was always asking my guides for more information for me and others, more details i.e.ďItís in the back of the closet in the right hand pocket of the red raincoat.Ē Now thatís juice!

Then one dayÖ

I was shown a vision and with it a gift in 2004, which allowed me to visually connect to my guides by seeing many faces and messages appearing in paint. I was dazed and amazed! Incredible! You do get what you ask for when youíre ready! I was delighted when I realized I was a third generation visionary.

In 2008 my job just didnít feel right any longer. I left the corporate world behind and began a new journey helping others to validate their inner voices and guides. This took courage and a lot of faith. Now, John & I travel around the country meeting wonderful people, who through their art reading see and receive their own messages from their guides. We believe you walk a little lighter having this information on your path towards enlightenment.

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