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Mystical Art

Mystical Art

Mystical Art

What is a Mystical Art Reading?

A Mystical Art Reading is a visual reading. During a brief meditation session, you and Beverly work together to connect to your spirit guides. This energy provides the blueprint to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The medium she uses to create the visual reading is paint blending. At an expo, the standard art reading is depicted on an 8"x 10" paper canvas. An example is shown to the left (Can you see...). The art on the top and bottom are the same art reading, however, the bottom two readings has been highlighted (for demonstration purposes) to show some of the spirit guides that have come through.

How is this reading different than other clairvoyant readings?

Beverly works with you, your spirit guides and her spirit guides (team collaboration) to bring in messages about your journey, in this life. Where other clarivoyants try to explain this verbally, Beverly and her spirit guides create a visual art reading. As Your Art Reading Continues to Materialize you will continue to see different spirit guides, animal totems, angels, messages thorough signs and symbols and even clues to past lives will reveal themselves.

When should I have another reading done? How often?

The art reading displays your spirit guides during this journey called 'life'. When another reading should be done and how often, is an individual's choice. Some people have them done every 3 - 6 months, some do it yearly and yet others when an event has or is happening in their life.

How long will my current art reading continue to change?

It is different for each individual. Think of the art as a visual display for a 'snapshot' in time. When an event has passed or a specific challenge has been overcome, residuals from those can still affect us in our future. So, it seems that in most cases, the art continues to materialize at a different pace depending on that specific 'snapshot' of your journey.

How do I find out what expo you will be at?

You can click the link here, for the Show Schedule. The 'Show Schedule' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

What do I do if I can't attend any of your upcoming expo?

We offer Remote Readings. Beverly works with an individual through voice vibration as she does not have to be with them to do her work. This is done over the telephone or skype and the session is captured on a DVD so it can be viewed over and over. The 'Remote Readings' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

What if I have a lot of people that want to get readings?

We offer Private Events. Beverly travels to your home or place of business, for the day. She has personal readings with each person. A minimum number of booked appointments are required. The 'Private Events' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. We were approached by many clients that they wanted to share this wonderful experience with friends and family, so we began to offer Gift Certificates. The gift certificate can be redeemed as a remote reading or as a pre-book reading at a show/expo. The 'Gift Certificates' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

I love my 8"x10" readings. Do you offer something larger?

Yes. In Mid-April 2013, we rolled out Large Art Readings. The art is approximately 9 times (20" x 32") larger than the expo art. As with the normal readings, these are also one-of-a-kind pieces of art, based on Beverly's same unique process. The 'Large Art' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

How do I connect to my spirit guides?

We have developed some steps that will help you learn How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides. The 'How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

I have heard people mention an Oracle Deck. What is it?

An Oracle deck is used to give an individual focus on tasks ahead and the strength to overcome obstacles with wisdom and compassion. Using your art readings, you can learn how To Build Your Personal Oracle Deck.The 'To Build your Personal Oracle Deck' link is also available on the homepage of the website.

I've seen the word 'Collective' on your website. What is it?

A Collective is a group/gathering of nonphysical entities complied of great healers, teachers and masters from spirit.

How do I know the difference from the present and future sides, in my art reading?

Beverly signs each art reading. She discusses with the individual which side of the reading resonates (present or future) with them and signs on that particular side. In the past, it would have been up to the individual to remember which side represented the 'present' view. In 2013, Beverly started a new practice of putting the letter 'P' on the back side of the art reading, to indicate the 'present' view side, which they are to 'work with' first, to get new messages. When an individual positions the 'P' at the top, then turns the art around to face them, this would be the 'present' view. When the reading is then turned 180 degrees, also referred to as "reversing", the future side is presented. (Examples shown to the left).

What is Tarot Reading?

A tarot reading uses a specific deck, traditionally a deck of 78 cards. These cards are divided into three sections, the major arcama. minor arcanas amd court cards. The 40 minor arcana cards are made up of four suits (swords, cups, coins/pentacles, wands). There are 22 major arcana cards and 16 court cards, which show the different stages of an individualís journey of inner growth and hold extra weight in the reading. Tarot can change lives because it provides information and answers around a specific focus or situation within one segment of your life or at the time of the reading.


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